photo by Gabriella Achadinha

Mána Hjörleifsdóttir Taylor is a writer/editor currently living in Chicago, Illinois. She considers herself to be a collector of sounds, stories, and visuals; blurring the lines between journalistic research writing and artistic documentation. Mána is the co-founder and editor of a magazine called The Documentarian, which strives for critical and original documentation in numerous forms; through writing, sound, photography and other mediums. 

With a B.A. from Bard College in Human Rights with a minor in Literature she wrote her senior thesis on the importance of the author and oral historian Svetlana Alexievich. You can read it here. She is inspired by other nonfiction writers and oral historians, such as her Icelandic grandfather who collected traditional folk tales from his country and wrote over a dozen books.

Mána speaks French and Icelandic with native fluency, and intermediate German. She is available for freelance assignments or artistic collaborations: manahaotaylor[at]gmail[dot]com